What is Their Vision?

The photo of armed Tea Party members standing in front of the Montana state capitol is chilling and a stark reminder of the insanity of our gun laws, but what is it that these folks really want? What is their real vision for America?

Here are some logical conclusions based on the rantings of many who say they belong to this far right movement:

A nation in which:

  • The elderly are left to starve on the street
  • Teachers are paid as little as possible
  • Health care is a privilege only available to the few
  • Unions have disappeared
  • The federal courts are subservient to corporate interests
  • There are as many tanks and aircraft engines as our money can buy
  • Anyone can walk into a church, school or bar armed to the teeth
  • The rich can get richer, while millions of America’s children go to bed hungry
  • Only “real” Americans can be President

Now that’s just the kind of country that anyone would want to live in.